Wishin’ and hopin’ and nestin’ and prayin’

Well, only 17 more days till Miss Cecilia makes her debut…

Jeff and I went to the doctor for our weekly checkup today. I am now at a whopping 172 pounds. That means I’ve gained 55 pounds this pregnancy. And I’ve still got two weeks to go! It’s ok. I don’t look too bad. Well, I do, but to Jeff I look just fine, and that helps a lot. He has been so supportive and understanding. I have to brag on him because he could have been all grossed out but instead he talks about how pretty my belly is. I love him. I wish my hormones would get somewhere and be still because they are all over the place and Jeff is the one who gets the brunt of all the fluctuating ups and downs of pregnancy. I hope after she comes I don’t care near as much about a greasy pan left in the sink as I do now… for everyone’s sake… 

Today, my pinterest attempt was a mason jar herb planter. We have been using so much mint lately, that I thought it would be beneficial to grow our own, and lo and behold, they had some at Walmart already grown. So really all I did was transfer the plant to a mason jar after adding some pebbles to the bottom of the jar, but it’s still pretty cute, and will hopefully save us a few extra dollars a week that we don’t have to spend on mint. Jeff and I have started drinking fruit infused water and adding mint to it really spruces up the flavor. Mint aint cheap if you buy it all the time, so having our own little herb garden sure would help us with our budget. Now that I’m not teaching, we only have one income and I am on a mission to save us money in any way I can. 

Here’s a picture of my little mint planter. More herbs to come! Image

Last night I made my first loaf of bread, and can I just say, it was DELICIOUS! We couldn’t stop eating it. We realized half way through the loaf that maybe this was not something we need to have around all the time. Especially if I’m using all purpose flour to make the dough. I have some Millet flour I’m considering trying next time to make it seem like a more healthy choice. I’m posting a link to this recipe because you all need to see how easy it is. And next time you go to a restaurant where they serve this exact bread, you can sit there with a smug grin on your face because you now know exactly how they made it. 


Here’s my bread. We had some garlic and herb butter to dip it in and a fresh green salad. Supper was perfect! 


So that’s what’s been going on in our little home lately. I try to stay busy so I don’t let my mind wonder off into uncharted territory. It’s amazing the worrying I can do if I let myself. But for now, I’m nesting my little heart out, and Jeff is joining in on the fun, too. Today he is working on a coffee table he made! He’s putting on the finishing touches this week. I’ll be sure and post a picture when he’s finished. ~~ 

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